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What is a Biofeedback
Nutritional Scan?

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What is a Biofeedback <br>Nutritional Scan?

After years of research on health we have come to one conclusion: there is no “one size fits all” solution for good health. We all need our own personalized approach regarding the foods our body needs as well as vitamins, nutrients, and the like. The question is, how do I figure out what my body…

How about those

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How about those <br>antioxidants!

Mmmm! Don’t you just want to reach through the screen and grab one of those cherries!?! All kidding aside, cherries (just like many other berries, even herbs, and certain kinds of veggies) are loaded with amazing cancer fighting antioxidants. Dr. Axe wrote an awesome blog post on the top antioxidant rich foods:   1) Goji…

Sometimes we just need
a friend

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Sometimes we just need<br>a friend

Emotions play a key role in our health too. We can’t leave out emotions from the equation of life. In fact, emotions directly impact our health!   An amazing side to our biofeedback technology is that we can see how your emotions might be impacting your health. Not only that, but we can help balance…

Ever Had One of These Days?

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Ever Had One of These Days?

…where you just feel “off”.   Our health is of utmost importance to the longevity of our life and enjoyment of family, friends, and life in general. …But sometimes we just feel “off”.   What if there was a solution that was as easy as laying your hand on a device that would then give…

Hormone Imbalance…
What Does it Look Like?

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Hormone Imbalance… <br>What Does it Look Like?

Painful cramps, heavy bleeding, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, low libido, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor quality of sleep, cravings, digestive issues……………shall I go on!?   I love how the Women in Balance Institute at the National University of Natural Medicine explained it in their blog: Causes of Hormone Imbalance.   Many women have…

What Foods Stress
Your Body?

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What Foods Stress <br>Your Body?

Our Biofeedback Nutritional Scan uses an FDA approved Galvanic Skin Response technology to ask your body what foods might be stressing it out.   It is important to remember that food is complex; it consists of many nutritional factors. There may be a certain part of a food that your body is needing, but other…

NASA Used Biofeedback
on Astronauts

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NASA Used Biofeedback <br> on Astronauts

That’s right! Even NASA used Biofeedback on Astronauts. They used a system quite different looking than our Hand Cradle, but it used the same technology: Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).     Keep in mind, this technology NASA specifically used (called Neemo-9) is many years older than the Biofeedback we use with the Hand Cradle for…

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