A Balancing Scan is a lot like the Nutritional Scan except that is it much faster and a lot less information. This scan looks at your organs, systems, and emotions to see what is stressed and then asks your body what it wants to use to balance those stressors. It takes approximately 10 minutes and the result is amazing!
Clients have raved about this short but accurate little scan that helped them sleep better that night, relieve stress that was released during their Balancing Scan, and even reports of emotional relief were indicated.
This scan is great in between appointments if you feel stuck, but don’t have time to do a full EVOX. The Balancing Scan is also great in between EVOX sessions. During the Balancing Scan session you’ll receive emotional Balancers we call Bach Flowers, which focus on where you are now and then helps to bring emotional relief that your body is asking for. It is incredibly personal and specific to you and your body. Give it a try! It’s a great way to experience Biofeedback in a jiffy.