Who is Melanie Kahleh?

(pronounced like Kayla)

Melanie Kahleh has a reputation of helping people breakthrough in their emotional and physical challenges. With the innovative and progressive software she uses, 90% of her clients testify to significant life changes for the better. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Christianity, taught school for 3 years, is a missionary at heart, and has been a Health Coach for almost 2 decades.
Having a son born with severe allergies over 17 years ago made her a student of naturopath alternatives and gave her a strong drive to pursue natural ways to resolve difficult and even medically impossible situations.
These strengths enhance her ability to meet people where they are and interpret their biofeedback results, creating a specific biologically preferred protocol for emotional and physical breakthrough.
Melanie is lovingly supported by her evangelical husband, Saleim Kahleh, and their 6 amazing children (ages ranging from 7 to 19 years).


“I have learned so much in my years of natural living and therefore bring amazing value to the table when making suggestions to my clients. I really look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and using this technology to help you approach your health goals naturally.”



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