We Personally Use These Natural Products:


We often get asked where we buy specific products mentioned in our sessions with those we are privileged to work with. We thought it would be helpful to create a webpage of our most recommended items.


Disclosure: these links are affiliate links so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, we make a small commission that is used to help keep our business going. We only link to products we personally use and if you purchase through our links, you have our sincere thanks! You can read our full Affiliate Disclosure here.




Progesterone Cream








Portable Steam Sauna (home)





Raw, Vegan, AWESOME!





Organic Tea



Nut Milk





Pure Drinking Water



Grow Lights

Ever wanted to grow your own sprouts indoors (year round)?


Essential Oils



Kombucha Home Brew


Mason Jars


Fermenting Weights

Holds down fruits or vegetables you decide to turn into live probiotics (good bacteria).
Clean, easy, fits wide mouth mason jars.


Yogurt Culture

Super easy! Make your own yogurt at home and have total control over what milk is used and with no additives or thickeners. Literally billions of fresh, highly bioavailable probiotics (good bacteria) for a fraction of the price you pay for yogurt at the grocery store.


Fermenting Starter Culture

32 servings! High quality and most bang for your buck when it comes to quantity of starter culture versus other competitors.


(Milk) Kefir Grains

Make kefir at home. Awesome quality and quantity for the price!
Quality is king when it comes to kefir grains. Other competitors pack about 5 dried grains in powdered milk and charge $20 -ish; what a rip off!
These kefir grains (below), however, are under $20 and you get a tablespoon size package of wet, active kefir grains!
Ready to add to milk once they arrive in the mail.


Fermenting Lids

Best lids out there! Awesome for beginner real food enthusiasts. Mold free because it removes the oxygen as it builds naturally occurring live probiotics. I’ve not seen anything like this and it has a high star rating (4.8 out of 5 stars) so I’m not the only one sold on this lid. It’s as easy as putting your cut produce in the jar with brine and/or culture, hand tightening the lid, and waiting for the ferment to complete (ferment time varies depending on what you put in the jar).
It’s simple and not at all cumbersome.
Side note: mason jars not included
-Amy Tavares











EVOX Sessions require a headset with microphone. If you are doing a remote session over the internet with us, you’ll need one of these.